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ON-site ROI Service

To better service our clients with medical records support, we have extended our services to include document imaging.  We can provide your facility with on-site staff to handle all aspects of your data capture process.  Our staff will perform facility specific policies & procedures of prepping, scanning, indexing and quality control.

​​Speci​al projects                              Privacy & Security

document scanning

We are here to support HIM Departments.  POI Can provide highly trained and service-oriented staff for a one time special project or ongoing special project.  POI is here to support you!

HIPAA security regulations dictate how to store, transfer and protect the privacy of electronic PHI.  POI's multi-layered security,  DoD-certified security  and auditing tools enforce our administrative and technical PHI safeguards.

​​Release of information

Our Services

POI’s primary focus is release of information.  With the ROI process being extremely complex, regulated by state, federal and HIPAA confidentiality laws, more and more Health Information Management Departments are turning to outsourcing the entire ROI operation.  This leaves the HIM Department to reallocate their FTEs in other productive areas within medical records, eliminating your staff from the complex and technical processes and everyday tasks associated with ROI.

Our central Florida based corporate office makes it convenient for our management team to provide hands-on, proactive management of your ROI requirements.  Providing a toll-free help line to all our associates allows them to communicate with our support team for any issues that may arise.  We limit our development to Florida, enabling us to focus on the rules and regulations of the State of Florida exclusively.  Our management team stays abreast of all developments in protecting patient’s privacy and security, any industry changes regarding ROI laws to include state, federal and HIPAA regulations. 

Every medical facility is unique and has very specific ROI needs.  POI will tailor our services to your needs.  We can support full range of ROI functions, from providing minimal services to the complete department outsourcing.  From a single physician site to a large multi-facility, POI will execute a program that works specifically for you and your facility.

 One of the most important responsibilities of the health information practitioner is to safeguard the confidentiality of medical records.  Our specialists are full trained in Release of Information procedures including protecting patient privacy and confidentiality.  POI has a strong comprehensive education program, ensuring our associates to be the best in the industry.  Beginning with our eight module course with individual tests administered to all new associates.  POI provides continuing education with mandatory quarterly training seminars.  POI’s policies and procedures, release of information specifics, HIPAA requirements, Federal Regulations and Florida Statues, with customer service and confidentiality being some of our major topics.  Our ROI specialists are continuously evaluated for quality assurance and professionalism.    Excellent customer service, ROI knowledge and expertise, along with reliability are the mainstay of POI.  Our employees are very dedicated, not only to POI, but to our clients.  We are very proud of our employees and we are confident you will be just as proud to have them as a member of your HIM team.